Falafel and Le Picpoul de Pinet!!!!!

Disclaimer: This post has no photos because I’m a forgetful whore and accidentally deleted them from my phone. That or I never took any… 

Things got pretty fancy at the CSC in mid-June. On the week of Mr. Delaney and Ms. Jacobson’s birthday, members of the CSC had a fantastic dinner with an exquisite wine pairing!

Here’s how it all went down.

Stephen came home shouting about how much he hated vegetarians, going off on a meat-eater rant rivaled only by the most carnivorous of homo sapiens. After all, Stephen had already resigned himself to making falafel when the resident tree-munchers started complaining about not having enough fixings to go with it (i.e. hummus).

Dry falafel? Who wants that!? Anyone who doesn’t want to be killed by Stephen Delaney, that’s who.

Low and behold, the 99-pound, Broadway-singing, marathon runner actually DID whip up a batch of homemade hummus to go with our homemade falafel! (He super loves us. Duh.)

But that was not even the highlight of our meal. Instead, it was a wine Mr. Delaney specifically recommended to go with this very dish. The name? Le Picpoul de Pinet!!!!!

This is where he found it as a recommendation to go with falafel: http://www.drvino.com/2007/07/25/impossible-food-wine-pairings-falafel-sandwich/

This is the article his sweet voice read to all the members of the CSC: http://articles.latimes.com/2007/jul/25/food/la-fo-picpoul25jul25

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Nikki Luigi

The CSC Cooks have done a lovely job of mixing up the cuisine options and Nikki Luigi delivered on that tradition last month (6/5) with a pair of a pizza pies. We’ll start backwards with the final produce (posted to Instagram) first.


A relatively straightforward production, Ms. Nicole purchased pre-made, whole wheat crusts, though one could make their own if he or she feels so inclined… She then chopped up a colorful collection of tomatoes, basil and onions for pizza #1.

IMG_1174 IMG_1175

And some sauteed ‘shrooms.


For pizza numero due, it was an assortment of roasted root vegetables (potatoes and sweet potatoes).


The DELICIOUS finished product:

IMG_1177 IMG_1180


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Vegan Avocado Fettuccine

It’s been a month since this lovely dish graced the ceramic yellow plates at the CSC, but here’s a look at Ms. Becky’s Creamy Vegan Avocado Pasta, discovered via Pinterest.

First, boil whole wheat noodles.


Then, mix together avocado, lemon, olive oil and garlic with a food processor, or in this case, Taylor’s immersion blender.


Combine the avocado mixture with the pasta. YES, IT’S THAT EASY.

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Corn soup a la Taylor J.

On a little Thursday night two weeks back, Ms. Taylor Ann Jacobson got funky with her immersion blender. This post, unfortunately due to a delay in recipes being sent, will be mostly photos with some light captioning. Here goes:




Corn Avocado and Arugula Salad!



Also, bonus round (but sort of against the rules…), Taylor made a merengue with poached peaches!


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Stephen is actually Asian.

Updated (7/10) with recipes!

This post comes to you from the past… a food coma and a series of busy days delayed production. My sincerest apologies.

On Tuesday, May 7th, Mr. Stephen Delaney unveiled a secret he’s been keeping for 24 years and 11 months… that he is, in fact, a little Asian woman, who can cook the best spring rolls on earth.

He started by sauteeing tofu, bean sprouts, carrots, celery and red pepper…

photo 1 copy 2

…daintily spreading the vegetable mixture onto delicate rice paper…

photo 2 copy 2

…folding gently and lightly frying in a pan until golden brown and crunchy on the outside and serving with soy sauce.

photo 4 copy 2 photo 2 copy 4

And THAT was just the appetizer. The night before, he cooked rice noodles and marinated them overnight in peanut oil and red pepper flakes. Serving them cold the next day with chopped carrots, onions and peanuts.

photo 1 copy 3photo 4 copy 4

And just like that, Stephen Delaney proved to the universe that he, in fact, is a little Asian lady.

photo 2 copy 3 photo 4 copy 3

Of course, it wouldn’t be CSC cooks with out some of this!

photo 3 copy 3

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